2 dump trucks collide, crash off bridge; 1 dead

COVINGTON, Ga. — A wreck involving two dump trucks on Sunday night has left one person dead in Newton County.

Deputies say two trucks crashed, sending both off a bridge near Harold Dobb Road in Covington.

One driver was thrown from the truck. He was later pronounced dead.

The other driver was not seriously hurt.

The driver who died was identified as Valentine Neil Gayle. Gayle was born in Jamaica and was living in Lithonia to work and support his family. He had been driving for 20 years. %



“His family depended on him every week. (He) sent money (through) Western Union to family in Jamaica, to feed them. (He) works hard,” said Gilbert Atkinson, the owner of G and J Trucking.

Atkinson said Gayle and the other driver were friends through the close-knit truck driving community.

“These two were like buddies. They worked together,” he said.

The second driver was following Gayle because he was unfamiliar with the area.

Investigators said the driver could be charged in the crash.