‘We were in the midst of a disaster’: Stacey Abrams debates suing state over primary debacle

The one massive problem that Tuesday’s primary brought was massive lines, with people waiting for more than four hours in some places to vote.

Both Republicans and Democrats agreed that what happened Tuesday was a big problem, but they don’t agree on who to blame.

“As we watched what unfolded today, we knew that we were in the midst of a disaster,” said voting rights activist and former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

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Abrams held a video conference to express her anger over Tuesday’s primary election.

She said her organization warned state officials and the secretary of state that this very scenario could happen.

“What we know happened this week, this month, and this process is that the best intentions met the worst preparations, and we found ourselves in the midst of both incompetence and malfeasance,” Abrams said.

The state's Grand Old Party had a different take. It is blaming the counties, especially Fulton County.

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“This unacceptable incompetence will effectively disenfranchise countless eligible voters across Georgia’s largest county,” the state's GOP announced in a news release Tuesday. “Georgia voters deserve better from their public servants.”

Republican House Speaker David Ralston said it’s too early to place any blame. That’s why he wants to open up a legislative investigation to find out what happened.

“You know, we’re in the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century. We shouldn’t be having these problems with an election,” Ralston said.

Abrams said her organization, Fair Fight Action, is considering legal action in response to what happened with voting on Tuesday.