‘They had enough time to prepare’: Ahmaud Arbery’s mother says motions are slowing trial

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Jurors in the Ahmaud Arbery trial got their first look at the moments leading up to three men chasing after the Black jogger and killing him.

Channel 2′s Tony Thomas has been in Brunswick since the trial began. He said Tuesday was the first day the trial felt like it was gaining any momentum, but there were still quite a few stops and starts as lawyers argued legal points.

That has been very frustrating to Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, who just wants to get to the end of this ordeal.

“All these motions are just wasting time,” Cooper-Jones said. “They had enough time to prepare for this trial.”

In court, attorneys have moved through six witnesses in two and a half days of testimony.

Jurors got their first look Tuesday at the moments leading up to the confrontation in the middle of a Glynn County neighborhood.


Prosecutors showed a series of videos of Arbery walking around a construction site, and then Greg and Travis McMichael taking off after him, apparently believing he was a burglar.

“Do you see him take or steal anything from this location?” prosecutors asked Inv. Parker Marcy with the Glynn County Police Department.

“No, ma’am,” Marcy said.

Moments later, Travis McMichael shot and killed Arbery during a confrontation. The McMichaels, along with the neighbor who shot the video, face murder charges but claim self-defense.

“Did he ever tell you we were going to detain this guy and wait for the police to investigate?” prosecutors asked Jeff Brandeberry with the Glynn County Police Department.

“No, ma’am,” Brandeberry said.

Thomas said things started to get a little testy in court Tuesday afternoon.

The judge lashed out at one of the attorneys for being “rude to the court in front of the jury.”

After a short time out by everyone, testimony resumed.