Power crews ready to take on possible damage as winter storm approaches

ATLANTA — With a winter storm heading toward north Georgia, power crews are already preparing to restore power after the storm as quickly as possible.

“Georgia Power is prepared for the predicted severe winter weather,” said Georgia Power spokesperson Adrienne Tickle.

Channel 2′s Justin Wilfon talked with Tickle just after she left a storm planning meeting Thursday with other Georgia Power officials.

“We have teams that constantly monitor the weather and changing weather conditions,” Tickle said.


She told Wilfon they’re working on a detailed plan on where to stage crews before the storm and making sure they have enough crews ready to respond.

“So we’re looking at staffing levels. We’re continuously watching the weather as models change just a little bit then we’ll continue to look at those numbers to make sure we have crews ready to respond,” Tickle said.

She said an ice event would likely bring down more lines than snow.

Tickle said it is also possible Georgia Power will call on crews from other states to assist, if needed.