Pictures show thousands of cicadas emerging in Blairsville

BLAIRSVILLE, Ga. — The cicada invasion continues! We told you about the Brood X cicadas beginning to emerge throughout the spring and summer, and another Channel 2 Action News viewer shared photos with us showing thousands of the bugs swarming in their yard.

Jan, from the Hole in the Wall restaurant in Blairsville, sent us pictures of thousands of the bugs in a yard.

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A couple of weeks ago, we also shared photos of the cicadas emerging in Dahlonega.

The cicadas come out every 17 years and they’ll stick around until June.

People in Fannin, Gilmer and Union counties could see as many as 1.5 million cicadas per acre.


The last time Brood X made an appearance was in 2004. The cicadas come out once soil reaches 64 degrees. They are often triggered by a warm rain.

They don’t harm people or pets, and scientists say not to kill them.

The only things cicadas can harm are young trees if they climb up them and try to plant eggs on weak, young limbs. Experts say netting young trees protects them.

Once this brood is done emerging, we won’t see cicadas in Georgia again until 2024, when two different broods will come out.

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