Gov. Kemp encouraging Georgians to support local restaurants, drive-thrus

ATLANTA — With coronavirus cases growing by the day, many Georgians are playing it smart and staying home.

But Gov. Brian Kemp also wants people to do what they can to support the state's small businesses.

A lot of local businesses are already feeling the effect of people isolating themselves to stop the spread of the virus.

“It’s really dealing with this unique situation we are facing in our state, historic in a lot of ways,” Kemp said in a news conference that he held online Tuesday.


The governor confirmed that Georgia currently has 146 confirmed cases in 27 Georgia counties.

He said Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has seen a 40% reduction of passengers.

There are still 160 cruise ship passengers at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, and all the passengers from Georgia are back home in self-quarantine.

Kemp also said there is one new person at the isolation site at Hard Labor Creek State Park.

The governor said he is also concerned with the health of Georgia’s economy and what impact the coronavirus outbreak is having on it.

He’s encouraging people to help -- but safely.

“I’d also like to encourage Georgians, like we did today, to support their local restaurants and drive-thrus. We brought some lunch in from The Varsity,” Kemp said.

Restaurants are among those getting hit the hardest, as people are opting wisely to stay home rather go out.

But other small local businesses are feeling the brunt of this health care crisis as well.

That’s why Kemp hopes people will safely and creatively find ways to keep them going.

“I want to encourage all Georgians to support their neighborhood businesses, and those folks who are great supporters of our community. We’ve got to buckle down and support each other and get through this together,” Kemp said.

Kemp said Georgia has finished all the paperwork needed to help get small business loans to local business owners as quickly as possible.

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