GBI searches homes of men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Only Channel 2 Action News was there Tuesday night as agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation spent more than two hours going through the homes of the father and son accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery.

Gregory and Travis McMichael are accused of shooting and killing Arbery in February. Video of the shooting that was leaked on social media earlier this month sparked outrage across the country.

[SPECIAL SECTION: The Ahmaud Arbery murder investigation]

The day after the video was released, the McMichaels were charged with murder and aggravated assault in Arbery’s killing.

Channel 2’s Tony Thomas watched Tuesday night as agents searched the homes on Santilla Drive. Thomas said the agents didn’t appear to leave with any evidence but that investigators searched inside the houses and the vehicles.

Video shot from from NewsDrone 2 showed other agents in the back yard inspecting a boat dock.

The search warrant came after another day of developments in the case under national scrutiny.


Through an open records request, Channel 2 Action News received police body camera video from 2017 showing Arbery being questioned, and nearly shocked with a stun gun, by Glynn County officers.

Lee Merritt, the attorney representing Arbery's mother, told Thomas that the 2017 video won't have any impact on the case.

“He's the victim, so he's not on trial,” Merritt said.

What may have a big impact are other recordings of the fatal shooting on Feb. 23 that Merritt says are now in investigators hands.

“Do you know of any other videos that are out there?” Thomas asked Merritt.

“Yes,” Merritt answered.

“What do they show? The incident or after the fact?” Thomas asked Merritt.

“Both,” Merritt answered.

No one will confirm exactly how many videos there are, but we know from records there was ample opportunity for passers by to capture the event.

It took about 12 minutes from the time Arbery, 25, ran down Santilla Dr., stopped and was caught on video walking through a construction site.

A short time later, Arbery would leave, jog down the road, past the McMichaels. About 300 yards down the road is Roddie Bryan’s house. It was Bryan who recorded the video that surfaced May 5.

After a 911 call and a confrontation, Arbery would die at an intersection about halfway between the McMichaels’ and Bryan’s homes.

Just a few feet from that site, agents wrapped up their search Tuesday night. It’s still unclear what they were looking for or what, if anything, they found.

One thing is for sure, Glynn County is ready for the case to move forward and the wounds to heal.

“Devil, you came to the wrong county. You came to the wrong city,” said minister Felicia Harris.

Thomas said he drove around the neighborhood Tuesday night to see if any agents were also looking at Bryan’s home, but said the house appeared quiet.

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