Gov. Kemp says he’s nearly ready to rollout statewide plan with more COVID-19 vaccination sites

ATLANTA — Prior to his news conference about the latest on the state’s plan for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution, Channel 2 anchor Justin Farmer sat down one-on-one with Gov. Brian Kemp who said the state is moving much more quickly now in vaccinating people, but not fast enough for him.

Kemp told Farmer that as President Joe Biden was getting acquainted with the White House, the governor’s office was on the phone with the Biden administration lobbying for more vaccines for Georgia.

“Literally 24/7. That is our top mission,” Kemp said. “We obviously look forward to working with our whole Congressional delegation to make sure Georgians are getting their fair share of the allotment. We shared that on the call yesterday with a member of the Biden administration and was just like, ‘Look. This whole idea of basing whose getting allotments based on whose giving what, that they don’t need to be following that, they need to be talking to our office about what we’ve actually done because the CDC website is behind.’”


The governor also shared with Farmer that the state is just about ready to reveal its vast statewide vaccination plan that may work with any federal efforts.

“There’s been a lot of talk about them federalizing the process and have federal vaccination sites. And we’ve explained to them we’re interested in hearing what their plans are but also know we are already planning on doing things like that right now in Georgia. We just got to have more supply to be able to do that.”

The governor says Georgia is only getting 140,000 doses per week right now. He wants more and said he’ll soon reveal a mass vaccination statewide effort.

As of Tuesday, Georgia administered more than 535,000 vaccinations. The governor’s office says this is a 466% increase in just 17 days.

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