Eddie Long Grants Ch. 2 First Interview Since Sex Allegations

ATLANTA,None — In his first interview since four young men accused him of sexual misconduct, Bishop Eddie Long spoke to Channel 2 about hope and the future.

He agreed to answer a few questions following the Trumpet Awards prayer breakfast at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

First, Long's representatives made it clear that he would not answer questions about the accusations against him or the ongoing mediation.

Bishop Eddie Long Talks About The Future

But Long was clearly pleased with the positive reception he got from the crowd at the Hyatt. Long was introduced by one of the spiritual honorees, Corey "CoCo Brother" Condrey, a syndicated radio personality.

"There's people praying for you, and there's people that in the midst of whatever happens, we love you," Condrey said as he continued his introduction.

"In the midst of adversity right now, we're praying for him and we love him. Ladies and gentleman, Bishop Eddie Long."

Long was all smiles and seemed humbled as the crowd at the prayer breakfast applauded him.

Long would not speak about allegations made by the four young men who used to call him their spiritual father. They claim the bishop used his influence over them to make sexual advances, some during overnight trips. But after the prayer breakfast, Long was clearly focused on the positive.

"That's a wonderful, wonderful-like family reunion of people coming together. And celebrating there is a great future, there is a great hope and we live in a great country with great people," said Long.

Long talked about the Trumpet Award recipients and the family of influential people gathered there to honor them.

"It's a wonderful celebration of a time when our nation needs hope, when people need to see people who rise up and are doing great things and actually making a difference in someone's life," said Long.

All four of the lawsuits against the bishop and his church are still pending. A judge ordered both sides to agree on a mediator by the end of this month, and mediation is scheduled to begin in February.

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