Cobb County parents face decision about spring semester remote learning

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — New COVID-19 hot spots have popped up in Georgia, and the spread has some parents concerned about their schools.

Channel 2′s Chris Jose spoke with parents about the decisions they will need to make.

Leaders at the Cobb County School District watch COVID-19 numbers every day. The new deadline for parents to choose between virtual learning and in-person learning is set for the spring semester.

Parents have until the Sunday after Thanksgiving to make a decision.

“You know, we’re very nervous about it,” parent Gerald Williams said. “I mean, it’s scary.”

Williams has a son who is a junior at Hillgrove High School. The 17-year-old returned for face-to-face learning last Thursday.

“We need transparency,” Williams said. “We need real numbers. They need to be honest with us.”

As of Monday, the district reported 511 positive cases at 33 schools.

The district reported each school has fewer than 10 cases but did not say how many were teachers and how many were students.

Rachael Lynn is a parent of a Cobb County student. Lynn plans to keep her child in the classroom next semester.

“It’s unfortunate, but it’s just a reality we have to go through,” Lynn said. “I feel like going back virtual is going to regress the progress that I feel like Cobb County has made.”

Lynn said she’s happy with the way her daughter’s school has communicated with parents.

A district spokesperson said Cobb County Schools will continue to look at the level of community spread, effective contact tracing and efficient testing timelines.

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