Bobcat seen prowling Fulton County neighborhood

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — A bobcat is prowling some local neighborhoods around Alpharetta.

Experts tell Channel 2′s Berndt Petersen there are many bobcats in Georgia but to spot one is pretty rare.

“It appears to be a full-grown bobcat,” DNR Wildlife Biologist Kaitlin Goode said. “Full-grown bobcats are around 40 pounds, give or take.”

Goode says crossing paths with a bobcat in a residential area is unusual. Although the recent sightings have gained attention on social media, Goode says people and their pets are not in danger.

“Bobcats are wild animals,” Goode said. “It’s possible for them to take small pets. Cats and dogs. But we hardly have any issues with them doing that.”

Goode says bobcats typically spend their time alone.

Getting them to go away involves the same strategies used for black bears and coyotes. Bobcats do not like loud noises such as yelling or banging pots and pans.

“Bobcats work on a dominance system,” Goode said. “So, if you’re the dominant animal, you can scare them away.”

Goode also noted that once a bobcat stakes claim on an area they tend to stay there.

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