APS Cuts Ties With Nonprofit Accused Of Not Paying Employees

ATLANTA — Atlanta Public Schools is cutting ties with a faith-based nonprofit that provides security and mentors at a Southside academy.

The termination comes after a whistleblower claimed nonprofit Visions Unlimited bounced checks to its employees for months.

SLIDESHOW: Nonprofit Accused Of Not Paying Employees

WSB-TV Mike Moseby School Money Mike Mike Moseby, Ex-Visions Unlimited Site Supervisor Mike Moseby spent two years as a site supervisor for the Visions, which employs safety monitors and truancy specialists for Forest Hills Academy.

"I really have a passion for working with youth," Moseby told Channel 2's Tony Thomas on Sunday.

His job gave him the opportunity to fulfill his passion, until he began noticing problems with payroll checks.

He said he and at least 21 other employees were shortchanged from April 2009 to last August. He claims the company also didn't pay his health insurance premiums, which left him with a stack of medical bills after his wife recently gave birth.

"They owe me approximately $8,200.44," Moseby said.

He showed a bounced payroll check and text messages from Visions blaming the issues on a glitch with the Atlanta Public Schools system.

"I just feel like you can't go around and treat people like this for the sake of our kids," Moseby said.

After Moseby approached Atlanta school officials about the issues, the school system notified Visions that the contract would end Oct. 30. But Visions' founder, Gwendolyn Poles Sands, insists it's not because of the payroll dispute.

She told Thomas that despite the contract's termination, Visions' legacy will live on at the school.

Moseby has been suspended without pay since Aug. 31.


Visions Unlimited v. APS Full Statements

It came to the district's attention that some Visions Unlimited Community Development, Inc employees may not have been paid for the work they were performing for the contractor as school safety monitors, truancy interventionists, bus monitors, mentors and tutors at the school. APS investigated the situation and has taken measures to ensure that Visions pays its employees for the work they perform at the school. The district subsequently notified Visions that it's contract with APS will be terminated on Oct. 30.

The contract requires a 30 day advance notice prior to termination of the agreement. the district is in the process of hiring employees to work on a part-time basis directly for APS to perform these services at Forrest Hill Academy.

Keith Bromery APS Spokesperson

Visions Unlimited, a nonprofit organization, has been honored to deliver services to Forrest Hills Academy for the past 18 months, through it's documented successful Safe Schools Initiative that includes services to ensure a safe school environment-mentoring, life skills, truancy, teenage pregnancy prevention and gang violence intervention.

The two incidents are unrelated. Visions Unlimited values it's team members. A delayed reimbursement resulted in a delay in compensation to assigned staff. Upon reimbursement receipt, appropriate staff members were compensated in accordance with organization policies.

Visions remains committed to deliver quality services in a culture of integrity and excellence with accountability to its investors in accordance with its vision and mission through its successful Visions Promis Neighborhood Initiative.

Gwendolyn Poles Sands Visions Unlimited Founder/CEO

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