3rd Victim Dies In Penske Shooting

KENNESAW, Ga. — A third victim in the Penkse shooting has died, according to WellStar Kennestone Hospital.

Roberto Gonzalez, 31, of Dallas, was pronounced dead Wednesday afternoon. Doctors plan to pursue organ donations per his wishes.

The other two patients wounded in the shooting remain in critical condition.

One of the men wounded in a shooting rampage at a Penske Truck Rental & Leasing business on Tuesday that left two men dead and three wounded said he survived when the gunman's pistol misfired.

Joshua Holbrook, 27, told his father Wednesday that the killer held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, but the gun "snapped" instead of firing.

Holbrook's father, Bobby, told Channel 2 Action News that after the misfire, Holbrook tried to get away from the gunman, but was shot in the abdomen.

"That's the only reason Josh is living now; he shot everybody else in the head," said Bobby Holbrook.

Joshua B. Holbrook shooting victim Joshua B. Holbrook Joshua B. Holbrook

He said the bullet lodged next to Joshua Holbrook's spine and he is paralyzed.

"He's a good man with two kids; he'd give you the shirt off his back," said the elder Holbrook.

The tragedy is doubled for Bobby Holbrook. One of the other victims in the shooting, his son-in-law, has died.

Roberto Gonzalez is married to Holbrook's daughter Shawna. "He has two little girls," said Holbrook. "He took care of my baby and grandbabies."

Roberto Gonzalez with wife Roberto Gonzalez with wife Shawna Roberto Gonzalez with wife Shawna

Joshua Holbrook is in critical condition at WellStar Kennestone Hospital. Bobby Holbrook said the two men are best friends.

"Joshua doesn't know about Roberto yet," said Holbrook. "I just can't tell him. It would kill him."

A judge denied bond Wednesday morning for the man accused of the shooting.

In a brief court hearing Wednesday by video from the Cobb County Jail, Jesse James Warren, 60, of Temple, Ga., said "No sir" when the judge asked if he had any questions about the charges.

Warren also asked for a public defender. "I cannot afford an attorney, but I'd like to have an appointed attorney, sir," Warren told the judge.

The next hearing was set for Feb. 9.

Warren shot and killed Van Springer, 59, of Woodstock, Jaider Phillipe Marvlanda, 43, of Lawrenceville and Roberto Gonzalez, 31, of Dallas, according to police.

The wounded are Holbrook of Rome and Zachariah J. Werner, 35, of Kennesaw. They are listed in critical condition.

Casey Nichols penske flowers IM People stopped by the shooting scene to lay flowers. Flowers at Penske shooting scene

Four of the victims were Penske employees, while Marvlanda was a truck driver for a local food distributor that is a Penske customer.

Brian Hard, the president of Penske Truck Leasing, said he believed the gunman chose his victims at random.

"It appears to have been random, to come in and shoot one of our customers who couldn't possibly have been involved in any grievance," Hard said.

Barbara Springer, whose husband of 37 years was killed, said her husband didn't speak much about Warren, but she knew he had been laid off recently and that "he had some issues."

Penske spokesman Randy Ryerson said Warren was a former employee of the Penske business.

Cobb County police spokesman Joe Hernandez said the suspect worked at the business for several years but it was unclear when and why he left.

Ex-Worker Opens Fire At Penske Truck Business Shooting Victims Taken To Kennestone Hospital

A man who witnessed the arrest said Warren looked "out of his mind" and "all drugged up."

"The cops walked up on both sides of the truck, he opened the door and they threw him on the ground. He pretty much just gave up," Michael Robertson told The Associated Press.

Warren, dressed in camouflage, entered Penske Truck Rental & Leasing at 3011 Barrett Lakes Blvd. just before 2 p.m. Tuesday and opened fire, according to police.

Warren confronted someone in the parking lot and moved to an area where there are truck bays and shot the men, Hernandez said. Jesse James Warren IM not cropped and credits Jesse James Warren Jesse James Warren

"He opened fire, striking the victims," said Hernandez.

All of the victims were in a warehouse section of the business when they were shot.

Police arrested the gunman minutes later on Chastain Road. Police could be seen towing a red pickup truck they said belonged to the gunman from the scene.

"He was taken into custody without incident," said Hernandez.

"We want to extend our deepest concerns and sympathies for the victims of today's shootings," Ryerson said.

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