Where can you find a 2-headed cow, 100-year-old football, golden telephone?

ATLANTA — Odd attractions fill the state of Georgia, but this collection ranks as one of the oddest, if not the most diverse, in a state full of unusual sights.

Where can you find this two-headed cow...

Along with this football from a 1929 University of Georgia football game...

And this gold telephone?

All of these items can be found in the Georgia Capitol Museum inside the Georgia Capitol.

“In November 1889 the General Assembly revived the Office of the State Geologist,” one of the signs in the museum states. “The legislation directed the state geologist to complete a survey of Georgia and to organize a museum. The exhibits would illustrate the state’s natural and economic resources. The collections grew quickly and spread throughout the building. Over the years the museum’s emphasis expanded as new displays joined the old, education generations of Georgia schoolchildren and other visitors.”

The collection is housed on the fourth floors of the state Capitol in downtown Atlanta.

What else is featured in the museum? There’s a wheel from the Scream Machine roller coaster from Six Flags.

There’s plenty of campaign memorabilia from years gone by.

The museum includes some oddities like the two-headed cow and a two-headed water snake.