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Monster milkshakes on the menu at Cheesecaked in Buckhead

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PHOTOS: Monster milkshakes, crazy creations on the menu at Cheesecaked

Over-the-top desserts, monster milkshakes and crazy creations await visitors to Cheesecaked in Buckhead.

"Everything has to be over the top and Instagram-able," owner Shawn Brown told's Nelson Hicks. "Because the more over the top, the better."

"I think it's awesome," customer DeAndre Clark said. "Like, it's over the top, and it's amazingly over the top."

Brown opened the shop in 2011 following a tragic car wreck. She found baking therapeutic.

Good Morning America recently featured Brown and her shop on the show, while awarding the Los Angeles native tickets to the Super Bowl. Check out more here.

"I just enjoy bringing joy to people," Brown said. "The smiles on our customers' faces and my face, just your loved one's face, when they get their treat, it's like nothing else matters."

And now that joy arrives daily in the form of specialty desserts.

"We love cheesecake, that's our dessert of choice," customer Jasmine Miller said. "And so, because it says cheesecake in its name, we just decided to stop by."

While the cheesecake is where Brown started and in the name, the milkshakes have been the claim to fame.

Yes, that’s a cupcake, fudge and a cheesecake bar on top of the red velvet milkshake. Food Network recently awarded the shop as having the most over-the-top milkshakes in the country.

"(The) unicorn (milkshake), that has rainbow candy, a chocolate unicorn, marshmallow, cotton candy, Nerds, everything you can think of is on top," Brown said.

The unicorn is one of 10 extreme milkshakes regularly on the menu. The Fruity Pebble milkshake comes in a Fruity Pebble-covered cup and includes a doughnut, cheesecake bar, large marshmallow, lollipop and rainbow candy on top.

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Brown, with the help of her staff and family, has come up with limited edition milkshakes to honor Atlanta events, too.

Cheesecaked released the "Malt It Like I Talk It" for the Drake and Migos concert. It included an edible gold chain, chocolate boombox and microphone in a red solo cup.

There are holiday milkshakes, too.

Cheesecaked is located at 720 Morosgo Drive in Buckhead.

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