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Explore rare double waterfall on easy hike in north Georgia

HELEN, Ga. — Searching for something fun to do that will entertain the kids this summer? Head to north Georgia and hike to a rare double waterfall.

Behold the cascading beauty of Anna Ruby Falls. The waterfall is just north of Helen in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

The hike to Anna Ruby Falls is just shy of a half-mile. The path is paved and is both stroller-friendly and dog-friendly; though do note, it is mostly uphill. Along the path, enjoy spectacular views of the boulders that dot the landscape, an assortment of trees and the free-flowing creek that offers a peaceful soundtrack for the climb.

Anna Ruby Falls marks the intersection of Curtis Creek and York Creek just below Tray Mountain. Curtis Creek cascades 153 feet, while York Creek tumbles 50 feet. Together, they form Smith Creek, which flows into Helen, joins the Chattahoochee downstream and eventually dumps into the Gulf of Mexico.

Underground springs, rain and snow feed the waterfalls. So, the more rain the area receives, the more powerful the flow.

The breathtaking spectacle draws visitors from the metro area and beyond. It costs $3 to visit for those 16 and older. Those 15 and under get in free, as do seniors with the senior pass. For those looking for a full day of adventure in the woods or something to do with the kids, there are also some all-day hikes that start near Anna Ruby Falls and end in Unicoi State Park.

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