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The Atlanta Opera spreads cheer through singing telegrams

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Opera is among many venues world-wide forced to close and cancel or postpone performances because of the pandemic. In spite of canceling two spring performances, The Atlanta Opera has created a creative way to connect with the community.

“We realized that though we cannot be in the same physical space, we are able to connect to people through technology,” Artistic Director Tomer Zvulun said.

Artists are recording and sending singing telegrams to front-line workers, elderly, and anyone else in need of a pick-me-up.

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“Art gives us meaning to our lives, a reason for while we’re here, and so it gives us great hope,” said Zvulun. “There’s nothing more powerful that connects people.”

WSB-TV’s Family 2 Family partner Delta Community Credit Union agreed with the need for these touching tributes and made a big donation to help the nonprofit reach more people.

“We thought it was really important to continue even during these challenging times, to honor and award our nonprofits, said Community Development Manager Reina Short.

The donation is helping the opera take their educational sessions and school performances from the stage to students’ phones across Georgia.

“Their support allows us to continue our efforts through digital media right now and through those virtual class rooms,” said Zvulun.

“Kids in our community who are under-served are so fortunate to be able to experience something as unique as the opera,” said Short.

You can order a personalized singing telegram through The Atlanta Opera here.


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