Does this qualify for HOV? Stuffed alien seen riding shotgun

FULTON, COUNTY, Ga. — Alpharetta police see a lot things on the road, but this surely ranks as one of their most unusual finds.

Apparently, someone put a fake stuffed alien in their passenger seat while they were driving around Alpharetta.

The driver was stopped by a motorcycle officer for speeding on GA 400.

"(He) was issued a verbal warning. He did not mention as to why he had an out of this world passenger," officer George Gordon told Channel 2 Action News.

The police department jokingly tweeted about the incident, asking "#doesthisqualifyforHOV."

Sideview of an stuffed alien riding as passenger in HOV lane. 

The use of HOV lanes began in Atlanta in December 1994.

Only vehicles with two or more living and not pre-infant persons in the vehicle, emergency transport, motorcycles, buses or alternative fuel vehicles, properly licensed with an AF license , can ride in the HOV lane.

There are no HOV lanes in Alpharetta, but there are throughout many other parts of the city.