Tornado touchdown confirmed in Floyd County during Thursday's storms

FLOYD COUNTY, Ga. — The National Weather Service says an EF0  tornado touched down in Floyd County near Cave Spring Thursday night.

Severe Weather Team 2 meteorologist Brad Nitz confirmed that damage in the area was caused by a short-track tornado.

The tornado was on the ground for less than two miles and had maximum winds of 75 mph, according to Severe Weather Team 2 meteorologist Katie Walls

Walls said the tornado uprooted and snapped numerous trees and destroyed a shed and carport. Several homes were also damaged.

Channel 2's Christian Jennings is in Floyd County, where there was minor damage to homes and debris was scattered across lawns on Booger Hollow Road. Several trees were also down in the remote area.

Jennings spoke to neighbors whose homes were damaged during the storms. Cleo Sisson was watching TV when the twister touched down.

"All of a sudden, I heard this big pop-like thing. It could have gotten my whole trailer with me in it," Sisson said.

The tornado tore her porch loose from her trailer and took out her carport. Sisson said she didn't realize how bad the damage was until the sun came up.

Sisson said her niece, her neice's husband and their children live next door. The tornado peeled back parts of the roof.

"The ceiling in the living room -- down," Sisson said. "In her bedroom, everything she had was ruined."

Keith Stellman, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said that, luckily for Sisson and her neighbors, the tornado was fairly weak, despite the damage.

"What we're seeing around here is spotty damage in this one little section," Stellman said.

No one was hurt in Floyd County.

The storm system spawned several tornadoes in Alabama before moving into west Georgia Thursday night.

Rain and storms are expected to clear out Friday afternoon.

A tornado that struck eastern Alabama March 3 left 23 people dead.