This city was named the best for singles in Georgia

GEORGIA — Can you guess which city in Georgia is the best for singles?

Albany is the best city in Georgia to live in if you are single, according to financial news website

Albany, known for being musician Ray Charles’ hometown, is one of few metro areas on the list where the unmarried or separated population is significantly over half.

The cost of living in Albany, which is in southwest Georgia, is much lower than both the state and national averages, according to the website.

“The city’s location on the Flint River makes it a good place for outdoor adventures that single people can enjoy both on their own and on dates,” the website states.

What makes a city ideal for singles? The website says best cities for singles are home to a relatively large number of “unattached people, have plenty of amenities supporting social interaction, as well as a local economy that is conducive to financial independence.”

Facts about Albany, Georgia:

Population: 153,101

Single population: 59.4% of total population

Cost of living-adjusted income: $50,741 per capita

Cost of living: 17.3% less than the national average