Hydration Station claims to cure hangovers, other ailments

Hydration Station claims to cure hangovers, other ailments

ATLANTA — People who had one too many drinks Tuesday night lined up at a local business to get rid of their headaches.

Channel 2's Craig Lucie learned the medical benefits of getting fluids back in your system through an IV at the Hydration Station in Buckhead.

"Most people are really dehydrated and they don't know it for a variety of different reasons," said Hydration Station owner Keith McDermott.

The solution is a lactated ringer. McDermott said his business is the alternative to going to the emergency room.

"This is what they give them. They give them a bag of lactated ringer, a saline solution to wear it off and Zofran for nausea and Pepcid if they have acid reflux," McDermott said.

Medical personnel like EMT's and physician assistants are busy at the Hydration Station on New Year's Day. Yes, to help some who had a big night on the town, but they also help dehydrated athletes, pregnant women with morning sickness, and people who have severe headaches and are just sick.

"If you have the flu, if you are vomiting any type of upset stomach, we can help you with that. These are medicines that have been used for years and years," McDermott said.

James McClintock and Liz Fulghom knew New Year's Eve was going to be a late night for them so they made an appointment the day before.

"It's going real well. Already feeling it," McClintock said.

"People tend to come in with a frown and leave with a smile. It's very quick relief for the things that are ailing you," McDermott said.

McDermott said they even do house calls. All of the treatments range from $40 to $100.

The owner is looking to franchise and he said they can help alleviate some of the overcrowding in emergency rooms.