Georgia first responders demonstrate how quickly a hot car can become deadly for kids

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Parent Elania Palazio says it breaks her heart.

“Oh! It’s just horrible,” Palazio said.

The stories of children left alone in a hot vehicle.

“Everyone needs to realize how dangerous leaving a child in a car can be, if only for just a few moments,” Forsyth County Fire Department Division Chief Jason Shivers said. “Right now, on the outside, it’s 102 degrees,” the chief said.

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Shivers demonstrated for Channel 2′s Berndt Petersen the dangers of hot car for children.

The chief put a child seat in his county truck. He placed a teddy bear in the seat with a thermometer and a timer.

“Our child seat is at 92 degrees after 25 minutes. The thermometer on our dash—in full sun, of course—it’s almost 120 degrees,” Shivers said.


The chief says that had a child actually been in that environment, it could have been a disaster. Palazio says it’s common sense.

“Every time they come out with me, the first thing I take is my kids,” she said.

There are devices to remind parents to look into the backseat after parking their cars. Shivers also advises people to place their cellphones, wallets, or purses—something important—in the backseat so they don’t forget what is “most” important.

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