Forsyth County

No criminal charges in Forsyth County mother’s death after GBI investigation

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said it has completed its investigation in the death of a Forsyth County mother of five.

Tamla Horsford was found dead in the backyard of a Forsyth County home in November 2018, the morning after she attended an “adult slumber party.”

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office announced in Feb. 2019 that they were closing the case because investigators said there was no evidence of foul play in Horsford’s death.


Investigators cited the medical examiner, who ruled that her injuries were consistent with a fall from the home’s deck. The report said that a fall from a deck caused multiple blunt force injuries and that “acute ethanol intoxication” was a contributing factor.

Family and friends believed foul play was involved. The GBI agreed to reopen the case at the request of Sheriff Ron Freeman.

The GBI confirmed Tuesday that their investigation was complete and “the DA review determined the facts and investigative findings do not support pursuit and prosecution of criminal charges,” the GBI said in a statement.

Throughout the case, Thousands of people on social media called for further investigation into Horsford’s death with hashtags #TamlaHorsford and #JusticeForTamlaHorsford.