Mother heartbroken after her 22-year-old son shot, killed

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A mother is opening up about a shooting in which her son was killed at a park earlier this month.

Police told Channel 2's Nefertiti Jaquez that Herman Roberts, 22, was "lured" to Creel Park on October 10, when he was shot multiple times.

No arrests have been made in his murder.


Detectives have received a number of tips and leads but say they need witnesses to come forward.

"They robbed my baby of his future," his mother, Tonya Roberts, said.

The 22-year-old artist was found dead in the park, and detectives believe he had been shot about two hours earlier than he was found. That’s because they say neighbors living in a subdivision behind the park called 911 after hearing gunshots in the area.

Detectives say they don't have a suspect or a clear motive but they did say the young father may have been lured here under the guise of shooting a music video only to be set up and shot at least nine times at close range.

They believe he may have been killed after being accused of stealing money.

"Give me something, give me closure,” his mother told Jaquez.

The "closure" for a mother who's pain is made greater because she believes her son knew his killer.  
"I'm not asking them to come forward, I'm begging them to come forward."

If you are a witness to this murder and are scared to come forward, police want to make it clear  that they have ways to protect you.

In the mean time Roberts, who leaves behind two young kids, will be laid to rest on Friday.