Concerned about your child’s health as school starts? Here’s advice from a doctor

Concerned about your child?s health as school starts? Here?s advice from a doctor

ATLANTA — In the next few weeks, school will start, and some parents have questions about the return to school during this pandemic, so they are turning to doctors for advice.

“My concern is for my middle child. He’s the one going to first grade. He has asthma,“ Chivaun Philpot said.

Calls from parents concerned about their children returning to the classroom has increased over the last couple of weeks, according to Dr. Barbara Joy Jones a family medical physician.

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Jones advises families to do what is best for them because doctors are learning something new about coronavirus every day. If a child has a health risk, then she would advise keeping them home.


“There is no wrong and there is no right. It depends on each family, each household, each child,” Jones said.

School districts will make decisions on when to return to classroom based on the data, and parents such as Philpot will have to make the decision to keep her at home, with a speech impediment, or send him to school with asthma.

“We noticed that since he’s been home, its kind of been going the other way because he had speech therapy and was doing so well,” Philpot said.

Joy advises her patients to consider both the health of the child and also the other members of the household.

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