Suspected serial killer tied to at least 4 murders

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News has learned Atlanta police have arrested a man who they say fatally shot a woman in Decatur, two homeless men and at least one other person.

Atlanta police charged Aeman Lovel Presley with two counts of murder in the deaths, which happened on Nov. 23 and Nov. 26.

Decatur police have also issued an arrest warrant for Presley in the murder of Karen Pearce, 44, who was found shot behind an office building.

Investigators told Channel 2's Ryan Young that Presley is also a suspect in a fourth killing, and there could be more.

Police opened up their investigation to Young on Friday, walking him through the evidence before announcing the arrest.

Detective David Quinn told Young they found Presley carrying a box of ammunition.

"This particular .45 Colt 200-grain bullet has not been manufactured since 2010," Quinn said.

The bullet has an elongated shape and is often called a "cowboy bullet," and it was used in each of the shootings, detectives told Channel 2.

Their search for the bullets and Presley came to an end Thursday when a MARTA police officer caught Presley trying to slip through the gates without paying.

For days, the notion of a serial killer struck fear in those who live and work in downtown Atlanta.

Channel 2's Carl Willis spoke to one man who says he walks past one of the murder scenes to get to work every day. Troy Lee says he now has a sense of relief.

"You didn't know walking down the street that it could be that person you pass on the street," Lee said.

Marcus Benning, who is homeless, said he was so afraid that he's been sleeping in a new spot.

"I was (sleeping) under cameras. So (it was my way of letting Presley) know you ain't getting away with killing this old boy," Benning said.

Willis learned that Presley is an aspiring actor. Willis went by Presley's last known address, but someone else lives there now.

The current resident, whose identity is being withheld, said deputies came to her door a few months ago. She said they were looking for Presley, but she doesn't know why.

The woman said it's unnerving to know what he's now accused of doing.

"We don't like to think that our neighbors are possible serial killers. That's terrifying," she said.

The Victims

The first homicide happened on Courtland Street near Ralph McGill Boulevard. Police say they found 42-year-old Dorian Jenkins wrapped in blankets.

A second homicide victim, Tommy Mims, 68, was also found wrapped in blankets on Northside Drive three days later. Both victims were shot multiple times.

Jeknins was shot five times and Mims was shot seven times. Quinn said Presley had to reload to shoot seven rounds into Mims.

Pearce was a stylist at a Marietta salon. A witness found her body in the street near a parking deck. Police have not released the identity of the fourth victim.