Neighbors complain about people repeatedly having sex in parking lot of Atlanta adult business

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ATLANTA — Some neighbors who live near an adult business say activity from the establishment is ruining their quality of life.

The city of Atlanta is now trying to shut down Tokyo Valentino on Cheshire Bridge Road in Northeast Atlanta.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones spoke to people who live in the community near the business. They say they are afraid to walk at night because of the indecent activity that goes on behind two vacant buildings near their homes.

“Sex is going on at the parking lot. Even 9 a.m. in the morning,” one woman said, who didn’t want to be identified.

She said her surveillance cameras routinely capture people having sex in parking lots near her home. She said they’re customers from Tokyo Valentino and they often leave evidence of their indecent activity.

“If you come here after 3 a.m., you will see a lot going on,” the neighbor said.

Carla Schissel said customers from the business make noise and create mayhem for her community.

“They also park on the street in front of people’s homes,” she said.

Neighbors told Jones that the business and its customers are ruining their quality of life.

“I will be happy when they’re shut down,” Schissel said.


The city of Atlanta is trying to do just that. The city sent Tokyo Valentino a non-compliance letter and a directive to cease and desist.

It said the business is operating illegal adult video booths, and it captured two customers having sex in the parking lot.

But an attorney for Tokyo Valentino said the city is out of bounds trying to shut it down.

“Forfeiture is not a remedy under the city’s zoning code,” Carl Wiggins told the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustments recently.

Tokyo Valentino appealed the cease and desist order to that board.

Wiggins said the business hasn’t had video booths and people having sex doesn’t make it an illegal adult entertainment business.

Attorneys for the city said Tokyo Valentino’s own advertising said it operates as an adult entertainment establishment.

“That for an admission fee you can enter recreation area stalls where you can use bondage,” Stacy Evans said to the board.

The board denied Tokyo Valentino’s appeal.

Neighbors are praying for some relief.

“If they leave it would be wonderful,” a neighbor said. “What goes on inside is not very nice.”

The owners of Tokyo Valentino are asking the courts to stop Atlanta’s efforts to shut down the business.

A spokesperson has repeatedly told Jones he would send a statement in response to the cease and desist directive, but so far he hasn’t sent it.


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