Tripp Halstead's new home revealed



JACKSON COUNTY, Ga. - The family of Tripp Halstead shed tears of joy Saturday after a hardworking group of volunteers unveiled the new home for the toddler recovering from a critical brain injury.

Channel 2's Lori Geary was in the Jefferson home in Jackson County, where the big reveal kicked off Saturday afternoon.

Channel 2 Action News was the only station that streamed coverage from the event. Hundreds of spectators and well wishers gathered to see the Halstead family walk through their new home for the first time.

"Doesn't look like the same house. No not at all," said Stacy Halstead, the child's mother.

Volunteers from Sunshine on a Ranney Day transformed the home for Tripp Halstead, who was injured last fall when Hurricane Sandy winds knocked down a tree limb that struck him in the head. 

Saturday marked the first time the Halsteads saw the newly-remodeled house they bought months ago. The Halsteads bought the fixer-upper to be closer to the family.

It was an emotional first look that hundreds of supporters were able to watch from a big screen on the driveway.

Tripp Halstead's bedroom and therapy room are done in his favorite 'cars' theme. Every detail of the home is fully handicap accessible.

There's no place in the home where Tripp Halstead can't go.

A motorized chair will take him upstairs where there's room for guests and to work out.

 "Oh my gosh. This is the biggest shower I've ever seen," Stacy Halstead said.

A signed "Pay it Forward" movie poster hangs in the media room, a reminder to Halsteads of the wonderful people with Sunshine On A Ranney Day that renovated this home for them.

Geary presented the grand finale to the family -- a pool that will be built for Tripp Halstead to continue his water therapy. 

"We can't wait to just put our roots down in there and just start living in it tonight," said Bill Halstead.

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