Some students are turning to popular grocery stores to get drunk – and it's legal

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ATLANTA — High schoolers are using popular baking ingredients to get drunk and they're getting them from grocery stores.

One local high school is going as far as warning parents after a student had to go to the hospital.

Grady High School in Atlanta said that some students are walking across the street to a grocery store and buying bourbon extract. They then mix it with coffee they buy at Starbucks and walk to school with a buzz.

“These kids will find anything into and it’s so convenient, you can walk into any local place, and do whatever they want at their pleasure,” said neighbor Attawa Mcewen.

A small bottle of vanilla extract is 70 proof, which is a little less than a bottle of vodka.


Vanilla extract is just as potent as bottle of liquor and there's no age restriction to buy the baking ingredient.

“A 9-year-old can come in here and by that extract and nobody is going to ask him or her questions and it could potentially hurt themselves,” Mcewen said.

In one case, a student at Grady ended up drunk and had to go to the emergency room.