Man known as 'Jackpot' arrested on human trafficking charges inside $1M Atlanta condo

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ATLANTA — A man accused of trafficking women was arrested at his swanky Midtown Atlanta condo the day before Super Bowl Sunday.

According to a police report obtained by Channel 2's Michael Seiden, the suspect was arrested Feb. 2.

Emmett Murphy, also known as "Jackpot," is facing multiple charges, including trafficking of persons for labor servitude and trafficking of persons for sexual servitude. He remains in the Fulton County Jail.


The Fulton County District Attorney's Office has released the following statement: “The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office has the case and is conducting a thorough investigation to determine if we should formally charge him. We plan to make this determination within 30 days.”

According to police, a 19-year-old woman from New Jersey told officers that she met the suspect on social media. She said the two talked for about six months and the suspect repeatedly asked her to come to Atlanta to be in a music video.


The woman said she eventually gave in when the suspect offered her $3,000.

She arrived in Atlanta around 5 p.m. Feb. 2, the night before Super Bowl LIII.

She said as soon as she arrived at the suspect’s condo, he told her she’d be dancing naked at a strip club and selling her body for money. She said the suspect also told her that she’d be giving him all the money.

The woman told investigators that she met another woman inside the condo, who told her the suspect would beat her if she didn’t listen to him.

According to an arrest affidavit Seiden received, investigators obtained a search warrant for Murphy's condo. They spoke with a woman who gave them additional information about the alleged operation.

The woman told them, "There is a hierarchy of women in New Jersey who the suspect considers his wives. The women in New Jersey have more freedom and all work in strip clubs.”

The woman also told police that she accompanied the suspect and 19-year-old victim on the trip from New Jersey to Atlanta and that the victim did not fully know about the lifestyle she was going to be a part of.

Seiden spoke exclusively to Murphy's lawyer Tuesday.

“He’s distraught. He’s shocked and he can’t believe that he’s been victimized this way by the judicial system," said Mohammed Luwemba.

He called the allegations false and blameless.

“Why would they make up something like this? At this time? I cannot get into those details," Luwemba said. “There’s some things that we found out in regards to what the motive might be behind this, but again, we can’t disclose that right now."