DeKalb Schools Athletic Department PDF and district response

You can view the DeKalb Schools athletic department audit here.

Many steps were implemented by DeKalb County School District to address questions related to fiscal management in the athletics department.

These steps were suggested by Audits and Compliance as a result of the 2017 audit weaknesses:

1.      Athletics and Public Safety now work collectively to ensure that there is adequate security during athletic events, due to recent national and local events. Both departments share responsibility in making sure that reported compensation is correct. Documents are verified in collaboration with Public Safety and signed off by head of Athletics Dept. 
2.      Operations now provides oversight of the stadium managers who are charged with cleaning the stadiums and ensuring that the facilities are stocked and ready for the games. 
3.      Training was revised to ensure that stadium and gym managers understood expectations related to their position regarding ticket sales and accuracy with reports. 
4.      The Operations Department now oversees stadium rentals. Athletics has created a guide to assist Operations with this task.  Athletics keeps a calendar and checks the availability of stadiums to ensure that there is not conflict with scheduled games or other events prior to Operations issuing approval. 
5.      The Office of Legal Affairs now works with Athletics to ensure that concession contracts are legally appropriate by reviewing prior to securing the signature of Supt.
6.      The athletics procedure handbook has been updated to highlight expectations and accountability related to the athletic program.
7.      Ticket sales documentation has been reviewed and revised to assist with accuracy in reporting. Overages and shortages can be documented and explained clearly on the form. 
8.      A bookkeeper has been added to the department and trained to assist with the accuracy and timeliness of financial reporting. The department works closely with the Finance Department. 
9.      To improve communication between athletic liaisons and the department regarding expectations and accountability, meetings are held as well as e-communication has increased (weekly) to ensure that all are on the same page.
10.    The missing funds identified in the audit were paid back to the District. Procedures for the deposit of funds from stadiums were revised.  
11.    A new armed carrier was contracted by the District to collect funds from stadiums according to an established schedule.  This addresses the need to have timely deposits. Additionally, funds should leave the stadiums.