'The Bachelor' visits Atlanta looking for participants

ATLANTA — Is the next star of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" in the Atlanta area? That's what casting agents came to town to find out.

Dozens of women from across the Southeast and a few men were at {three} sheets Thursday as agemts were searching for participants for the next season of the shows.

"We still look for people that have really outgoing, big personalities, fun people that are really kind of up for a sense of adventure," casting agent Sunny Willebrand told Nelson's News.

Willebrand should know. She's been part of casting for the shows for several years.

On this trip to Atlanta, Willebrand was specifically looking for 25 women to take part in the next installment of "The Bachelor." Currently, "The Bachelorette" is airing. If history repeats itself, the next bachelor will come from this season's stable of guys. That's good news for Keara Murphy. She submitted a video to the show and was asked to meet with the casting agents at {three} sheets.

"I just feel like it would be fun just to do something outside my comfort zone," Murphy said. "I'm definitely looking for Mr. Right. So, I hope that Casey, Brooks or Drew get picked as 'The Bachelor' and I get on it and end with one of them. That would be amazing. That would be perfect. They are so hot, all three of them."

Nelson's News spoke with several of the participants at the casting call. All of them said they're up for some fun, something spontaneous and believed that they could find love anywhere, even in front of millions on the TV screen.

It won't take long to find out if any of these women will be part of next season. The show anticipates contacting women they want to proceed with in the next month.