Lawyer denies trading drugs for sex



COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A Sandy Springs attorney is denying allegations he smuggled drugs for Cobb County inmates in exchange for sexual favors.

Michael Winner spoke to Channel 2’s Eric Philips in an exclusive interview Thursday evening.

"Sex isn't going to buy me dinner. I mean, I basically work for money," Winner told Philips.

Winner was arrested in April on conspiracy and unlawful trading charges. Authorities said Winner met female clients in a private attorney meeting room at the Cobb County Jail and gave them pain killers or tobacco products in exchange for sex.

“The allegation is just plain false.  I'm not suggesting that people don't regularly ask me to bring them cigarettes or drugs, but that’s just something I know not to do,” Winner said.

Shortly after his release from jail, Winner was arrested in Fulton County on charges of possessing amphetamines and having prescription drugs in incorrect containers.

Winner admitted to meeting with several prospective clients at the Cobb jail in April, but said nothing illegal happened. He suggested his professional style may be to blame for the allegations.

“I'm a single guy. If someone is going to flirt with me, I’m probably going to flirt back,” Winner said. “Now, it’s probably not appropriate to do that in those situations, but flirting is not illegal.”

In May, prosecutors asked a Cobb County magistrate judge to revoke Winner's $10,000 bond saying he violated it, but the judge refused.  The attorney believes his legal troubles stem from his reputation of going after crooked cops.

Prosecutors have four years to move forward with an indictment against him, but until then, Winner believes his bond restrictions limit his professional viability. Winner is currently barred from leaving metro Atlanta, but he said he has potential clients across the state. Winner and his attorney said they will return to court to request adjustments to his bond conditions.