• Atlanta Man Pulled Off Plane In Customs Mixup


    ATLANTA,None - An Atlanta man is not vacationing in the Bahamas on Friday as he had planned and says airport customs agents are to blame.

    Reginald Lindsay, a former sheriff's deputy and business owner, said the agents snatched him off the plane because they thought he was someone for whom they were searching.

    That caused him to miss the only AirTran flight going to the Bahamas on Friday.

    "They abused their authority. I need to be in Nassau, Bahamas right now, on the beach," Lindsay said.

    Lindsay's nightmare began when he got on an AirTran plane headed for a much-needed holiday vacation.

    He said customs agents arrived, and without telling him why, yanked him off the plane, took him to a room, fingerprinted him and took his picture.

    Later, he said a supervisor came in and whispered.

    "He said, ‘We got the wrong guy. I don't care what you guys do. Put him on a truck, put him on a flatbed, whatever-- but get him back to that plane,’" Lindsay said.

    Customs agents confirmed to Channel 2’s Tom Jones Lindsay was not the man they wanted.

    Lindsay said an agent mistakenly gave him a picture of the suspect.

    "I don't look anything like this guy," Lindsay said.

    When agents took Lindsay back to the plane, the doors were closed and the plane was getting ready to take off.

    So Lindsay missed the only AirTran flight going out and said the customs agents never apologized.

    He was livid. "One of the customs guys had the audacity to tell me I better calm down. How can you tell me that when you’ve ruined by vacation?" Lindsay explained.

    Lindsay's attorney, Musa Ghanayem, said his client is a businessman who gives back to the community and shouldn't have been treated this way.

    "Someone needs to be disciplined for this type of behavior," Ghanayem said.

    Lindsay said no one should be treated the way agents treated him.

    "Customs is clearly at fault here, and it is Customs' (responsibility) to get me to Nassau," Lindsay said.

    A Customs representative said the agency tries to assist with misconnections but sometimes travelers are inconvenienced.

    Lindsay did get a flight to Fort Lauderdale, where the airline is trying to get him from there to the Bahamas.

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