• Level up! Channel 2's 'Georgia Gamers' looks at the eSports explosion's local impact


    🎮 'Georgia Gamers' airs only on Channel 2 on Tuesday March 19th at 8 p.m.!

    “Georgia Gamers” are making big bucks playing video games. This Family 2 Family special puts the spotlight on local players finding success competing in eSports. eSports are high stakes video game competitions that help players earn scholarships and build lucrative careers.

    Channel 2 Anchor Justin Farmer takes viewers inside the fast paced world of professional eSports. The Executive Director of the Georgia Game Developers Association, Andrew Greenberg, reveals how Georgia has become one of the top locations for eSports with tournaments viewed by hundreds of millions of people.

    Farmer takes a video crew into Hi-Rez Studios, the gaming developer employing more than 400 people in Metro Atlanta. The cutting edge software company created some of the world’s most popular fantasy games.  

    Viewers will also get a look inside an unusual home where gamers live and compete together. Channel 2 Anchor Jovita Moore meets the CEO of “SoaR”, Michael Maknojia.  Moore learns how the 23-year-old became a gaming powerhouse and why he moved his team to Georgia.  

    During the 30 minute special viewers will see how colleges are awarding scholarships to players, how streamers are monetizing their videos, and will learn about the many careers built around the gaming industry.  

    WHAT: Georgia Gamers
    WHO: Channel 2 Anchors Justin Farmer and Jovita Moore
    WHERE: Channel 2 WSB-TV  
    WHEN: Tuesday, March 19th at 8 p.m