• Dive into the 'Secrets of the Georgia Aquarium' this Sunday on Channel 2!


    ATLANTA - WSB-TV Channel 2 presents “Secrets of the Georgia Aquarium." This Sunday night at 7, this Family 2 Family special shows viewers the magic of an underwater world rarely seen and unveils the incredible skill and work it takes to run the country’s largest aquarium.

    Join Channel 2 Anchor Fred Blankenship as he boards a raft on top of the whale shark exhibit. The marine animal caretakers will show viewers how they feed their largest residents. Blankenship will also meet sea lions, one of the cutest and most talented marine mammals in the facility.

    The voyage continues with Channel 2 Anchor Linda Stouffer. Stouffer enters the state-of-the-art medical lab where veterinarians care for all of the creatures living inside The Georgia Aquarium. 

    Teams of volunteer divers brave the shark-filled tanks to clean every underwater surface. Channel 2 Anchor Wendy Corona explains the extensive training the volunteers must complete and why they take on the arduous task. 

    Finally, viewers will get a sneak peek at the aquarium’s ambitious project planned to open in 2020. Costing over $100 million, a new expansion will allow visitors to get closer to fascinating sharks than ever before. This new addition will also give researchers the opportunity to study the mysterious lives of many different species of shark.   

    "Secrets of the Georgia Aquarium" airs Sunday, June 30th at 7 p.m. only on Channel 2!