• Georgia Tech, UCF football game canceled due to Irma

    By: Zach Klein


    ATLANTA - Georgia Tech’s football game Saturday against the University of Central Florida has been canceled.

    Channel 2's Sports Director Zach Klein broke the news Monday afternoon as Irma continued moving through much of Georgia.

    According to sources, UCF’s players were sent home last week before Hurricane Irma arrived in the U.S.

    The game was cancelled for two main reasons.


    Florida Gov. Rick Scott called for public universities in the state to assist with hurricane preparation and recovery. As a result, UCF agreed to host up to 1,000 National Guard members and 250 vehicles on campus. With that amount of people, in addition to the number and types of vehicles, meant that in and around Spectrum Stadium would be the best place to establish recovery operations.

    Then, many of UCF's football players evacuated campus and the Orlando area before the storm. The campus is scheduled to be closed through at least Wednesday. Meaning, there is no guarantee when the team would be able to come together for a game on Saturday, regardless of where the game would be played.

    The two teams also attempted to play the game at a later date, but neither team has a mutual bye week. As a result, the game will not be made up this season. 

    “We are in complete agreement with the decision to cancel Saturday’s game,” said Georgia Tech director of athletics Todd Stansbury, who served as UCF’s A.D. from 2012-15. “While we’re disappointed for both teams’ student-athletes, coaches and fans, recovering from the effects of Hurricane Irma should be and is the top priority for UCF and the entire state of Florida at this time. We wish them the very best in their recovery efforts and look forward to meeting on the gridiron down the road.”

    Georgia Tech returns to action on Saturday, Sept. 23 when it opens Atlantic Coast Conference play versus Pittsburgh. 


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