• Peachtree City Little League team falls to Virginia in Southeast championship

    By: Courtney Martinez


    Unfortunately, there will be no trip to Williamsport for the Peachtree City Little League team this year.

    Peachtree City was playing for its second trip in a row to the Little League World Series. But the team's goal came up short Wednesday in a 12-2 loss to Virginia.

    Virginia defeated Georgia twice throughout the tournament on its way to winning the Southeast Regional championship. 

    During the tournament, Peachtree City did pick up some big wins over West Virginia (23-0), Florida (2-1) and South Carolina (10-1). 

    Peachtree City police and fire departments will escort the team back to town Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Police will be set up at Highway 16 to State 85 to Highway 74.

    The team will be at Mike and C's Sports Grill for anyone who wants to cheer and welcome them home. 

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