• Metro Atlanta man set to cash in on extremely rare baseball card

    By: Anthony Amey


    ATLANTA - Can you imagine selling your most prized possession for the sake of your family?

    That’s exactly what J. Ross Greene is going later this month when he auctions off one of the rarest baseball cards that exists in the world.

    Greene is one of only a handful of people who own a Honus Wagner T206 baseball card that originated in 1909.

    The Peachtree City man's card is the only one that can be traced back to the original owner from more than a century ago.


    Greene is the fourth owner of the card, making it even more valuable.

    The most expensive Wagner card ever sold went for a whopping $3.12 million just last year.

    Experts expect Greene’s to fetch anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million when the auction ends on June 10.

    That’s not a bad payoff for Greene, who told Channel 2’s Anthony Amey that he purchased the card for just $48,500 in 1996.

    Greene says he plans to use the profits from the card to help fund the education of his eight grandchildren.

    The auction, hosted by SCP Auctions in California, will run from May 24 through June 10.

    Wagner was part of baseball’s first Hall of Fame class in 1936. He died in 1955 and played his final game 100 years ago this fall.

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