Global golf company opens its 4th U.S store right here in Atlanta

Every year, Georgia hosts two of the premier golfing events in the world, the Masters and Tour Championship.

While these tournaments are for the best of the best, one world-renowned company has chosen Atlanta to try to help regular golfers and amateurs play their best.

Parsons Extreme Golf golf just opened its fourth store in the country and it just happens to be at Lenox Square

Channel 2 Sports Director Zach Klein got an exclusive first look at the company’s 3,000-square foot store and the state-of-the-art technology it uses to fit golfers.

American entrepreneur, golf nut and billionaire Bob Parsons founded PXG in 2014 and wanted to develop the finest clubs ever played.

The company is already making its presence in the sport felt around the world with PXG equipment sold in 44 countries.

“I think it has blown all of our minds. Nobody expected us to achieve this kind of success globally” Leela Brennan told Klein.

PXG believes its custom-fitting process combined with the state-of-the-art technology are the keys to having fun.

“We now serve 44 countries all through a unique distribution model which is based on custom fitting and making sure people get fitted into the club’s best for them. They achieve the best performance possible. So they can have more fun on the golf course," Brennan said.

PXG has two locations on the West Coast, one in Chicago, with the Atlanta location opening this week.

“Atlanta is No. 15 in the country right now as far as population, 13th in the markets for golf. We wanted to bring PXG to Atlanta and provide support for people here,” Matthew Lombardo said. “It’s a big golfing town. A lot of tournaments happen around here.”

“The opportunity to see someone carrying their golf bag always generates a hard look. So the fact that we can bring that to Lenox Square and really create an exceptional new experience that caters to both men and women, we expect it will be very well received,” Brennan said.

Klein tested out PXG’s technology at the Lenox Square location.

The TrackMan launch monitor spits out data that includes club speed, ball speed, attack and launch angles. It also has your spin rate, carry distance and total distance.

“When you come in and get fitted, there are thousands of options," Brennan said. “All of our selections have been selected by our engineers. We have actually have a fitting science expert as well."

Golfers can find more information on the PXG’s Atlanta location at their website.