It was fixed! Conspiracies abound over Alabama's win over Georgia

For some Georgia fans Monday's loss to Alabama in the College Football Championship, though tragically heartbreaking, filled them with hope and pride.

For other Bulldogs watchers it was deja vu watching a team rise in joy only to crumble in defeat.

And yet for others, the overtime loss was the result of a sinister force -- the Big Ten referees officiating the game.

Media outlets and fans alike point to a litany of missed calls that allowed Alabama to claim its fifth title in nine seasons.

Here are some of the cited incidents of flagrant favoritism to the Tide:

• Bulldogs are ahead 20-13 with 4 minutes in regulation. Alabama faces a fourth-and-4. Tua Tagovailoa hits Calvin Ridley in the back of the end zone to tie the game.

The no-flag play: Alabama wide receiver Najee Harris (bottom) jumps early.

• In the third quarter, Georgia appeared to block a punt. Georgia’s Tyler Simmons was called offside ... but was he?

The no-flag play: Two Alabama players actually moved before the snap.

• TV cameras caugh several missed facemask pulls.

The no-flag play: On a third down run in the third quarter, Georgia running back D'Andre Swift fell short of the marker after he was snagged down. A flag would've kep Georgia's drive alive. The Tide went on to score its first points in the ensuing drive.

• Also in the third quarter, special teams player Mekhi Brown was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after he struck Georgia’s Walter Grant following a kickoff return.

The no-flag play: Among the most agregious missed calls was when Alabama linebacker Mack Wilson shoved Jake Fromm's head to the turf after a tackle.

Alas, there’s no disputing the end result.