Arthur Blank believes Atlanta could join Super Bowl rotation

ATLANTA — It’s been almost 20 years since the city of Atlanta last hosted the Super Bowl.

And according to Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, we may not have to wait that long to get another shot.

Channel 2 Sports Director Zach Klein sat down Wednesday with Blank to talk about Super Bowl LIII.

“I think we’ll be in the rotation, potentially,” Blank said. “We have to earn our way in there, and that’s not a decision that’s made by the league. It’s made by the owners.”

Blank said selecting Super Bowl host cities is one of only two secretive votes owners make.

“There are only two secret ballots -- who gets the Super Bowl and who votes for the next commissioner,” Blank said.


Atlanta’s two previous Super Bowls were in 1994 and 2000.

Blank also talked about looking ahead to next season for the Falcons.

"We don't need shiny new objects. We need players that will play with the kind of grit and intensity that Dan (Quinn) is looking for," he said.