Hey Atlanta, remember these moments? Here are WSB-TV's most popular tweets of all-time

As we get ready to celebrate reaching a million followers on WSB-TV's Twitter account, we are taking a look back to see which tweets resonated the most with you.

You can sort of think of Twitter as a history book -- where each entry is under 140 characters. So what do our top tweets reveal about the history of Atlanta?

You might remember some of these big Atlanta stories:

The day Atlanta approved permanent rainbow crosswalks. The incredible story of a homeless teen who biked six hours to get to college. A magical moment of connection as cops lined up to get high-fives during the Women's March.

From tragic to heartwarming to downright hilarious, here are the top 10 of all time:

1. Atlanta signs off on the rainbow crosswalks: 

2. Some hilarious cops want to examine your meth for Zika:

3. This magical moment during the Women's March in Atlanta:

4. The time a Korean pop group took over the Billboard Music Awards:

5. A homeless teen bikes 6 hours to college:

6. A couple who terrorized a child's party with racial threats goes to prison: 

7. This holiday-themed NBA Finals shade:

8. A guy who really, really needed some fried chicken:

9. The moment internet darling Leah Still was declared cancer free:

10. A heartbreaking tribute to one of the Georgia Southern nursing students: