• Women held at gunpoint over iPhone

    By: Amy Napier Viteri


    ATLANTA,None - Police are looking for a man they say robbed two women at gunpoint to steal an iPhone.

    Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri talked to the women and police about why more thieves are targeting the devices.

    "He said can I use your phone to make a phone call and I was like something's wrong. I just knew then this was not good," said one of the victims, who asked to not be identified.

    The women told Viteri they sensed something was not right about the man who approached them in the Fellini's Pizza parking lot off McClendon Avenue Sunday afternoon. But before they had a chance to react, the situation got worse.

    "He pulls the gun and says 'you're gonna gimme that phone,'" the woman said. "He grabbed the phone from your hands while he was holding the gun to your head. Ridiculous."

    The women said the white iPhone 4 was the only thing the man took before running off down Page Avenue.

    "The only thing that I thought was 'Oh my gosh, I'm gonna die,'" one of the victims said.

    One of the women showed Viteri the pepper spray she bought Monday morning. She said she's had a hard time sleeping since Sunday.

    "Every five seconds my mind goes to that gun. I'll never forget that gun. I'll never forget what it looked like and I'll never forget what he looked like when he said that," one of the victims said.

    Atlanta police said electronics like iPhones are a target because of the high value and resale potential.

    "We know that somehow the criminals are taking them and turning them over to somebody who can then turn them around for sale somewhere else," Carlos Campos of the Atlanta Police Department said.

    The women want others to be aware this man is still out there.

    "I'm alive, I'm fine. That's what's important," one victim said.

    The women said they got a good look at the man who robbed them and they are planning to meet with police to develop a sketch of the suspect.

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