• Woman Refuses Home After Vandals Spray 'KKK' On It


    BARTOW COUNTY, Ga.,None - A Bartow County woman says she's afraid to move into a home after vandals left a racist message on the house in more than one spot.

    The woman said she was in the process of buying the home, but someone painted the letters KKK on the garage door and the back of the house.

    Now, Kristy Spivey is saying she's afraid to live in the home.

    "This is 2011! People are still doing this?" Spivey said. "I feel like I am a victim of a hate crime because it wasn't targeted toward any other house but this one."

    Spivey’s mother, Rosa Spivey, said, "I thought it was so awful for somebody to do something like this to a young person trying to make it in life."

    Spivey emailed Channel 2’s Michael Buczyner pictures showing the letters painted on the home.

    Even they have been painted over, the letters are still visible from a distance, according to Buczyner.

    Now, Spivey said she is afraid to live in the home and is tearing up her contract to buy the home.

    "I don’t want to live here now. I have a 19-month-old son. What's going to happen next? Will they burn it down? What will happen?” asked Spivey.

    “I've lived here two years. I was shocked," neighbor Frank Mauney said.

    Neighbors said they were stunned and saddened by the message. Now they're hoping it doesn't happen again.

    "Really a shame to a really good neighborhood like this for a random act, I would think," Mauney said.

    "Let’s love each other; life is too short for hate, supposed to be loving. The Lord don't like that," Rosa Spivey said.

    Kristy Spivey said she filed a police report, and police said they are investigating the incident.

    People in the neighborhood tell Spivey teenagers may be responsible.

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