• Woman pleads guilty to role in senator's ID theft

    By: Tom Jones


    DECATUR, Ga.,None - A 21-year-old woman has admitted her role in an identity theft ring where a United States senator was a victim.

    Trianna Moss pleaded guilty to identity fraud and financial transaction card fraud. She was sentenced to five years probation and she must repay the nearly $6,000 stolen from the senator's bank.
    After court on Monday, Moss told Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Jones that she is sorry.

    "I do apologize and I am taking full responsibility for it, and that’s it," she said as she darted off.
    DeKalb County prosecutors said Moss worked at the Walmart on Memorial Drive in Decatur.

    That's where they say she met a man named Tahir Hamed.

    "He convinced her to let him buy gift cards with a counterfeit credit card," Prosecutor Jeanne Canavan said in court.
    Prosecutors said Hamed bought nearly $6,000 worth of gift cards with the counterfeit credit card.  Eventually, the Secret Service showed up.

    Canavan said the information on the counterfeit card belonged to long-time Hawaii Sen. Daniel Inouye. 

    Prosecutors said Inouye's credit card had been skimmed in Boston.

    "The senator's card was actually still in his wallet and it was only when he received his statement that he realized all the fraudulent activity had been taking place,” Canavan said.
    The Secret Service traced the card to Moss' register and she was arrested.
    Authorities said they found machines to make fraudulent credit cards in Hamed's hotel. They said they also found gift cards.

    "He also had fraudulent checks totaling $100,000 out of a New York non-profit organization," Canavan told a judge.  "In this case, it appears that Mr. Hamed was involved in this national ring of stolen information."
    Canavan said Hamed has missed his court appearance and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.
    Moss' attorney, Latisha Dear, said she had no idea about the stolen information ring.

    Dear said her client also did not know who the stolen credit card information belonged to.

    "She did not know that it was the credit card of a U.S. senator," Dear said. She said Moss met Hamed at the store and never should have gotten involved with him.

    "It was a stupid mistake. A silly mistake. She recognizes that and that's why she's come forward and accepted responsibility," Dear said.
    Dear said Moss has agreed to assist prosecutors in their case against Hamed once he is apprehended.

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