• Woman Dragged 60 Feet By MARTA Bus Speaks Out

    ATLANTA,None - A MARTA bus driver accused of dragging a woman 60 feet and then driving off is under arrest.

    Channel 2 Action News reporter Diana Davis spoke to the victim and a witness who described how she tried to get the bus to stop.

    The victim, Lettie Robinson, recounted the frightening ordeal and couldn't stop crying during her interview with Davis.

    Robinson said the incident, which happened as she got off a bus Sunday near Joseph E. Boone and Mayson Turner, left her with a broken arm.

    Robinson said she'd just gotten off the bus when she realized she left her purse on board. When she put her arm through the doors, she said the bus took off dragging her down the street.

    "She drug me and I fell," said Robinson.

    Police said the bus driver, Belinda McMilan, claims Robinson was running alongside the bus, which police said would be tough to do since Robinson uses a walker and was wearing a neck brace from an earlier surgery. She has had four strokes and has trouble speaking.

    She said her right foot was hurt early last week when she fell at a MARTA train station.

    "Last Monday I fell on the train," said Robinson.

    Veronique Hodo was driving behind the bus. She told Davis that she saw Robinson being dragged, honked the horn and then pulled in front of the bus.

    "And when I swerved my vehicle in front of them, they made the bus driver stop. She like came to a stop, looked at me and I pointed. There's a lady in the door," said Hodo.

    After the driver opened the bus doors, Robinson fell to the ground screaming and bleeding. The bus kept going.

    "The lady fell boom … she tumbled over . The bus driver went around her and continued up Joesph E. Boone Boulevard," Hodo said.

    When Davis asked Robinson if it's possible the bus driver didn't see her, Robinson said the driver looked at her.

    "Why do you think she kept going?" Davis asked.

    "It was real messed up because she should have at least stopped," Hodo said.

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    Woman Dragged 60 Feet By MARTA Bus Speaks Out