• UPS driver hits dog, leaving him partially blind, owner says

    By: Carl Willis


    ALPHARETTA, Ga. - The owner of a Jack Russell Terrier says a UPS driver hit his dog several times, causing the animal to go blind in one eye.

    Steve Sanford said on May 23, his dog, named Max, was struck twice in the face by a UPS driver who was picking up a package at his home.

    Sanford said he realized something had happened when the dog came back inside with a swollen eye.

    He said he looked at surveillance footage, which shows the driver taking two wide swings at the small dog.

    Sanford said the driver never mentioned the incident to him.

    He said that after multiple visits to a veterinarian, Max will never regain vision in one eye.

    UPS told Channel 2 Action News that it could not comment on the incident but that their drivers are trained to go back to their vehicles if they feel they cannot safely pick up or drop off a package.

    Sanford said UPS recently told him that they will not take any action against the driver.

    “I think that people need to understand that their pets, their animals, which are part of their family, are in danger,” Sanford said. “And that a 200-pound driver can basically beat a 12-pound dog and there are absolutely no repercussions for it.”

    A UPS spokesperson told Channel 2’s Carl Willis that the company will look into the incident, but Sanford said he has already launched a campaign against the company. 

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