Tokyo Olympics: Russian archer recovers after fainting

TOKYO — A Russian archer is recovering after fainting in the heat during an Olympic qualifying round on Friday.

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Svetlana Gomboeva collapsed from the heat and humidity on a day when coaches and staff members huddled under trees to find shade, Reuters reported. She needed help from her teammates and medical personnel in an incident that occurred hours before the Games’ opening ceremony, according to Yahoo Sports.

“It turns out that she couldn’t stand a whole day out in the heat,” Stanislav Popov told reporters. “This is the first time I remember this happening. In Vladivostok, where we were training before this, the weather was similar. But humidity played a role here.”

Gomboeva regained consciousness but was taken out of the arena on a stretcher, according to Reuters.

Teammate Ksenia Perova said that she was discussing her results with a teammate when she saw Gomboeva faint.

“It’s probably heatstroke,” Perova said on the Russian Olympic Committee social media site, according to The Associated Press. “It’s very hot here and the asphalt is really baking. Of course, there are also nerves, but the main reason is still the weather.”

Gomboeva was checking her scores when she collapsed in the heat, which climbed to 86 degrees on Friday, Yahoo Sports reported. She placed 45th out of 64 competitors in the archery event and said she will be able to compete in the Games.

“I feel OK, my head hurts a lot. I can and I will shoot!” Gomboeva wrote in her Instagram story, according to Reuters.

The round was won by South Korea’s An San with an Olympic record score of 680, the AP reported.

Andrei Zholinsky, the Russian Olympic team’s chief doctor, said Gomboeva was suffering from sunstroke, adding that her hydration and rest regimen would be changed to account for the rising temperatures, Reuters reported.

South Korea’s Kang Chaeyoung, who placed third in the individual ranking rounds, said she had not experienced heat conditions like what she faced in Tokyo.

“I am excited it is not cold,” world champion Brady Ellison of the United States, who finished with a qualifying round with the second top score among 64 men’s archers, told Reuters.