Tokyo Olympics: Naomi Osaka lights flame

TOKYO — Let the Olympic Games begin.

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Tennis star Naomi Osaka had the honor of being the athlete who lit the Olympic cauldron at the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympic games Friday.

The vessel sits on top of a peak resembling Mount Fuji and contains an open sphere that looks like a flower “to embody vitality and hope,” The Associated Press reported.

A second cauldron will sit along the city’s waterfront.

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Baseball stars Sadaharu Oh, Shigeo Nagashima and Hideki Matsui brought the flame into the stadium first, giving it to a nurse and doctor, the AP reported.

The medical professionals then handed the torch to Wakako Tsuchida, a Paralympic athlete who guided his wheelchair to the stage, handing it off to six students, who passed the light to Osaka.

Osaka, Grand Slam four-time champion, climbed an emerging staircase to the top of the cauldron to light the flame, the AP reported.

Osaka will compete in the games for Japan. She made the decision to represent Japan back in 2019, the Los Angeles Times reported.